Throughout the im program it is easy to see children improve in many different areas of their swimming. Isabella was one of the many children that I saw improve during the program. When she began swimming she was nervous and very afraid to even sit near the water, but as the program continued the confidence in her began to grow. After finally getting in the water she found how fun and easy it was to do many of the challenges presented to her. She overcame her fear of water and was soon showing off to the class. By the end of the program she wouldn’t even hesitate to open her eyes underwater, jump in, or float by herself. The im program truly helped Isabella, as well as many others. – R.P. Lee Youth Center School Age Program, Peterson Air Force Base

The support of people like you ensures participants around the world are reached with important water-safety lessons, as well as health and goal-setting instruction. Together, we can reach more children with our life-saving programming and help them reach their goals. If you would like to mail a donation, please send to: Michael Phelps Foundation 7 Ocean Street, South Portland Maine 04106

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$100 provides training fora special olympicsor boys & girls club instructorso they can teach theirparticipants to swim,live healthy and set goals.
provides a session of
swim lessons to a
Boys & Girls Club member
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we have raised over
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