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— Our mission is to promote water safety, healthy living (mental and physical), and the pursuit of dreams.

Dream Plan Reach

Everyone deserves to be healthy, happy, and safe. And since we love the water, much of what we do happens near the pool. Swimming offers various benefits beyond competition – from everyday wellness to recreational activities. But we know the skills we gain transcend swimming and provide a platform to overcome fears, face adversity, and develop and achieve goals. And it’s worth noting learning how to swim can save a life – your own or another.

Swimming is a great way to manage your health – mentally and physically.  I know firsthand the benefits of exercise and how it affects my mental health, but this could look different for you. We also take our mental health care outside the pool with tools like therapy and a self-care plan. We want the same for you and have programs and resources to help.  You are not alone. One in five Americans experience mental illness, and we know what it’s like to suffer in silence. We continue to share the message that it’s okay not to be okay and encourage people to seek help and support. 

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Who we are

Along with a coalition of strategic partners, we provide a learn-to-swim, healthy living, and goal-setting curriculum worldwide through the Boys and Girls Club of America and Special Olympics International. We know that facilitating change is not a one-person job; it takes a family, team, network, and communities to come together and challenge what is by showing what can be. Together, anything is possible.

What we do

Mission Statement

Working to promote healthy, active lives, especially for children, primarily by expanding the opportunities for participation in the sport of swimming. Make a Donation

Water Safety

Swimming offers a wide variety of benefits beyond competition – from everyday health and wellness to recreational and leisure activities – and, most importantly of all, learning to swim is a life-saving skill. That being said, there are several barriers to entry for individuals – from fear of the water to lack of access to proper instruction – to experience the benefits of swimming. Our signature program, IM, was developed in partnership with Nemours and Michael Phelps Swimming. The IM Program is a multi-faceted offering of learn-to-swim, recreational aquatic activities, organized swim training, health, wellness, and goal-setting programming implemented through the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Special Olympics International. Find out More About The IM Program Learn the ABCs and 123s of Water Safety

Healthy (Physical and Mental) Living

Overcoming fears, facing adversity, and developing goals are valuable skill sets that transcend swimming. So, too, is the significance of physical and mental/emotional health. Visit our Open Up Page

In 2018, MPF expanded IM with a dedicated emotional wellness lessons (IM Healthy) curriculum for Boys & Girls Clubs and Special Olympic participants.  Download our eight emotional health lessons from our IM curriculum 

Nemours Children’s Health and the Michael Phelps Foundation have created Raising Resilient Kids, a video series in English and Spanish that addresses social-emotional health in children. View the series

Pursuit of Dreams

Like many pursuits, access and opportunity can impact one’s ability to realize their talent and maximize their potential. In an individual sport like swimming, the path forward requires resources and support that are not readily available. In 2010, MPF partnered with the Level Field Fund to provide grants that help bridge the gaps in funding for uniquely talented swimmers in financial need (Level Field Fund – Swimming) to help recipients follow (or pursue) their dreams. Learn more about Level Field Fund – Swimming

Learn about Caps for a Cause, a program where nonprofits that share our mission can apply for a signed Michael Phelps swim cap

Tee It Up

Phelps + Friends Tee It Up is an intimate golf fundraiser that will host 105 guests on Monday, September 18th, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Join us for an incredible day of golf and music, all while raising money for our mission. For more information visit,  Phelps + Friends


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