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Our vision is to save lives and help build healthier families

Our Mission

Everyone deserves to be healthy, happy, and safe. The Michael Phelps Foundation provides families with the tools and support to be more confident and comfortable in the water and in life.

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Who we are

Along with a coalition of strategic partners, we provide a learn-to-swim, healthy living, and goal-setting curriculum worldwide through the Boys and Girls Club of America and Special Olympics International. We know that facilitating change is not a one-person job; it takes a family, team, network, and communities to come together and challenge what is by showing what can be. Together, anything is possible.

What we do

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Our Cause

We are determined to make the world a healthier and safer place. Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional death for children worldwide and one in five Americans experience mental illness. Learning how to swim can not only save a life in the water, but it can provide a platform to overcome fears, boost self-esteem, and provide overall wellness.

Our Programs

Utilizing the same program Michael used to become successful in his career, our signature IM Program was developed in partnership with Nemours and Michael Phelps Swimming. The IM Program is a multifaceted curriculum that includes a learn-to-swim program, recreational aquatic activities, organized swim training, physical and mental health lessons, and goal-setting guidance.

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Tee It Up

Phelps + Friends Tee It Up is an intimate golf fundraiser on Monday, September 23rd, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Join us for an incredible day of golf and music, all while raising money for our mission. For more information visit,  Phelps + Friends


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